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Player Security

Protecting the entitlements of players and ensuring the secure and correct payment of prizes remains of utmost importance to Lucky lotto.

The following lists reflect Lucky lotto’s commitment to protecting the interests of our players and ensuring the integrity of our games.

Prize claims

  • Validation slips are provided to players to confirm status of ticket.
  • Non-winning tickets are returned to customers.
  • Any prizes over $5,000 can be claimed in person or via post accompanied with the Prize Claim form (preferably by registered post).
  • Ex gratia prize claims can be lodged for lost or damaged unregistered tickets.
  • Lucky lotto Head Office offers secure prize payment, such as electronic funds transfer.
  • Player information

  • Information dedicated to the prize claim process is available to all players.
  • Player security measures are inherent in Lucky lotto's practices.
  • Problem gambling support advice is provided to players.
  • Results availability

  • Registered Division One prize winners are contacted by telephone.
  • Game results broadcast on free-to-air television.
  • Results are immediately published on Lucky lotto’ website.
  • Game results are available via an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) telephone system or by SMS.
  • Latest Lucky 5 Ball, Lucky 8 Ball, Lucky 10 Ball and Lucky 20 Ball draw broadcasts on Lucky lotto's website.
  • Retail agent intergrity and security

  • Lucky lotto retail agents are required to obtain a prescribed range of business insurances.
  • Retail agents are regularly reminded that they must return all non-winning tickets and validation slips to players.
  • National police checks are undertaken for all agent applications.
  • Retail agents must conform to the terms of an Agent Agreement, which encompasses a detailed procedure manual for the conducting and promotion of Lucky lotto games.
  • If you have a comment, query or concern about the service you have received at any of our retail agencies, please contact us.

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